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Papa Lou's Photo Album
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Papa Lou (AKA Luis Linares)
Papa Lou Dancing
Papa Lou the Pimp
Big Daddy Papa Lou
Papa Lou in the Pleather Coat
Original Papa Lou Pimp Photo
Yet another photo of the Pimp
Papa Lou swimming
Papa Lou at Applebee's lets eat!!!
The Warden and Papa Lou
This is Jesse Papa Lou's friend
Another photo of Jesse yawning
Papa Lou on fire
No Way
Mrs. Ramirez and Ester
The Warden (Ester) and Papa Lou
Lets eat!!!!
Rocky Balboa taking the Russian Down
Rocky and Adrian Balboa
The Warden's Car
The River Walk in San Antonio, Texas
The Old Cowboy Cody
Cheap Papa Lou, can't even make real
Jaden the Linares' son
Jaden Linares at 6 months
Ready for basketball, check out his K Swiss
These photos were submitted to Phylon - T Gonzalez's website by Papa Lou.  The songs playing were chosen by
Papa Lou himself!
(Not a valid statement as of July 16, 2007. A general playlist was created for the entire site!)
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Jaden 1 Year Old
Jaden 1 Year Old
Jaden 1 Year Old
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