Host to UltraCephy Communication Specification

Host to UltraCephy Communication Specification

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This specification details a method of architecting a system that involves the interaction of a Host PC and an embedded processor system. Embedded system names are defined for differentiation of systems or circuit designs already present in the open market. You will learn the structure of the system and how communication between the Host PC and embedded processor occurs.

The use of custom product names is intended to differentiate products in the general market from something new and unique while not intended to create an overly complex system. A UltraCephy Node and Haptinode are described to facilitate specific functions in the embedded system. A Host PC retrieves sensor data for post processing and controls the setup of the data acquisition units. In this case we will define the unit that receives Host PC commands the UltraCephy Board. The sensors or controlled units are Haptinodes, which process control and status requests as well as data acquisition parameters routed through the UltraCephy. The UltraCephy performs gateway, routing, and storage services for these Haptinode sensor units. Although some software is GNU GPL in this project a custom library for each application can be created with unique set of custom elements and functions, which will be controlled through a custom license agreement per project and will not fall under the General Public Licenses. This allows the application specific piece of a project to be owned and controlled by clients through copyright assignments or direct payment of hours worked.

The NanoIP GNU General Public License (GNU GPL) project offers architectural support of the PC software, which is further customized for a specific project. Each customized project has unique set of commands the system requires. This specification defines the method of creating application specific command parsing. The commands to a UltraCephy Node are assembled into a NanoIP packet.

Commands and command syntax is a unique collection of controls allowing each developer owner the opportunity to define their own command set. These command sets are assigned and obscured by a three octet random number. The assigned number is not published openly to the public allowing one level of difficulty in compromising the embedded processor to hacking. Individuals can publish their owner number and command set at their discretion as open source or by license.

This specification is intended for use by developer’s familiar with computer architecture, networking communication systems, standard interfaces for computer and embedded processor applications, and embedded microprocessor data acquisition systems. This guides the design for host PC software and embedded firmware in the architecture to enable designers to develop more in depth specifications for hardware and software systems. Designers will use the command structure and sensor data transmission details from this document to further describe and architect complete application specific sensor acquisition systems.

UltraCephy Host Communication Specification version 1.4 with starting source NanoIP
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