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Do you need an image processing algorithm developed or a software defined radio or even a combination of the two?

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- August 2014
Jeffery R. Lawrence
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Jeffery R. Lawrence

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Empower great ideas utilizing social collaboration to bring solutions that solve world problems efficiently through the facilitation of creator owned licensing and allowing those individuals to balance work with life.

April 2014 - Present Peak Imaginations, Inc. Mt. Hood Parkdale, OR
President and CEO/Chairperson
• Developing Business Plan, Creating Cash-flow spreadsheets, Incorporating. Wearing various hats including the architecture and design, schematic, pcb layout of a wireless device...More to come. Web design php coding. Reorganizing how life interacts with work and releasing concepts of empowerment through facilitating others to embrace their potential. Check out my website.
• Consulting on the analytic chemistry involved in drug screening using the highly integrated instrumentation High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) - Mass Spectrometer (MS) absciex triple quad 5500...This instrument is awesome.


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