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Peak Imaginations, Inc.

Permanent Linkby piiadmin on Tue Jul 01, 2014 3:00 pm

The fortune cookie I got at lunch today causes me to reflect on not only how the two words Peak Imaginations describes my company, but also shows how I am understood by those so close.

"It is better to be an optimist and proven a fool than to be a pessimist and be proven right"

A turn of employment beginning April meant once again I would have to uproot my son for work and this has been practically happening his whole life. So accustomed to quick changes without thought my career of twenty years affected those close. Two things to say here. The youngest lost his mamma three years earlier and his friends practically every year since kindergarten. The move to Mount Hood Parkdale at the foothills of one of the greatest areas in Oregon was not a lite decision, but one with the thought of starting a new life for him and me and that we were all in. The second thing is i have put off being an entrepreneur for twenty years because of trying to always be a rock and grounded for my family. How committed was I to being all in was on my mind so much those first two weeks. Opening up to my youngest to tell him that I didn't want to end my life of old age without having started the business and create those ideas important to me. I told him of my idea and business plan and what I wanted for people and after a week he put those two words together and I choose to be "all in" for him and for me to put a halt to the loss that so affects us. To my youngest for describing my vision in two words...Thanks.
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