About Us

Our Business

MCSI was established in 2002 to assist people who have been displaced as a result of civil war and political conflict. The civil war caused the destruction of health centers and schools and also rendered peasant farmers impoverished. The people in the region were placed in camps without sufficent food, clean water, medication and they had poor sanitation.This situation compounded ill-health(malaria, STDs, Cholera, dysentry, diarrhea, anemia and several other water-born diseases). Several orphaned children were left wandering in the camps without education.

MCSI had the empathy to bring about change in the livelihood of of the people in the northern part of Uganda to provide medication, educational sposhorship and spiritual counseling to those who survived and returned to their villages to start rebuilding, and they are still rebuilding, with your support!

MCSI has set up a legacy by taking care of the young boys and girls; see them grow up educated, equipped with relevant tools of development and opportunity, so as to contribute to nation-building, as well as to protect and preserve the World peace.

Who We Are

MCSI mission is to provide education to orphans, and children in poor families we believe that knowledge is power and children are the future leaders. Therefore, providing service to empower the families to fight poverty brings better living. MCSI strives to bring good health by providing free medical mission to communities who have no access to medical health centers. Provide services to children to survive curable diseases like malaria. We have a vision to provide clean water, discent housing and clothing. Your empathy towards this mission empowers every child and their families.