Our Mission

Our mission is to engage in charitable works aimed at promoting the welfare and wellbeing of Mothers and children, to promote and carry out activities aimed at relieving mothers and children from social ills, to provide, render, administer, make provision for administering of medication, treatment, set up treatment camps in community centers at all places that team members may determine and to generally supply and make available and accessible all kinds of medication and treatment necessary to bring about change in the health status of mothers and children at all levels. Providing decent housing, educational sponsorship, clean water and sanitation, to enhance a better livelihood amongst the mothers and children affected as a result of war, displacement, natural disasters and generally to promote the welfare of such people and the relief of distress by social skills and spiritual teaching.

This mission is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. All contributions are income tax deductible and will be used at Mothers and Children Support International.

What We Do

MCSI' mission is to provide education to orphans, and children in poor families we believe that knowledge is power and children are the future leaders. Therefore, providing service to empower the families to fight poverty brings better living. MCSI strives to bring good health by providing free medical mission to communities who have no access to medical health centers. Provide services to children who die of curable diseases like malaria. We have a vision to provide clean water, discent housing and clothing

children education sponsorship