Eric Michel Ministries Worldwide Gospel
About Us

  • We are a faith-based volunteer-driven organization that shares God’s    
    love worldwide through prayers, sacrifice, education and media.
  • We are utilizing technology such mass media to leverage the impact       
    and influence of our mission.
  • We supports and encourages people and organizations which share these
  • We are reaching people in the interior with the gospel and our Rural
    Ministries providing education, food and support for all Christian and non-
    Christian alike.
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We are a member of
Eric Michel Ministries International
Assembly of Interdenominational Churches
Building relationships among pastoral leaders and trainers.
We, at Eric Michel Ministries Worldwide Gospel, empowering you
to multiply the Gospel in your communities, regions and the world

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We believe it is our privilege and responsibility to honour the Lord in the
bringing of our tithes and offerings to our local Church. This timeless
principle is God’s prescribed way to fund our Churches’ mission on earth.

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