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The Rev. Eric Michel
is a wedding officiant in
the Province of Quebec, Canada.

    Weddings Services

    A loving and committed relationship with all the rights  
    and privileges of marriage should be the right of every
    couple desiring to take that step, an Act Of love.   

    Planning your marriage ceremony. It will be a process   
    that is joyful, it will be one that you will always treasure   
    as love growth, for each partner individually, and for   
    your partnership as a couple.

    What a wonderful vocation to devote love and seal it
    forever! It is the fulfillment of the dream the sweetest
    of the earth!

    The personalized ceremony should include elements
    that will help the couple to capture the energy of the
    moment, creating a sacred time and space for their

  • Our celebrants officiate personalized civil-secular    
    non-denominational, religious, spiritual and
    multicultural wedding ceremonies.

  • Our Celebrants will help you create a ceremony  that  
    reflects the beliefs and traditions that you    find

  • Our Celebrants will guide you and assist you in paying
    homage to the meaningful relationships of your life,

    Planning a Wedding Budget          

    Wedding Ceremony & Location
    Ceremony Officiant (us)
    Ceremony Decor
    Ceremony Rentals
    Rehearsal (us)
    Wedding Rings
    Wedding Stationery         
    Wedding Reception        
    Menu and Catering
    Bar and Wine
    Reception Music
    Rentals and Decors
    Wedding Cake         
    Attire for groom
    Attire for Bride
    Wedding Planner             
    Code of Ethics and Professionalism for Certified Celebrants
    The mission is to uphold the highest level of service and professionalism
    We promote the freedom of choice in ceremonies.

    The Celebrant agrees:
  1. To serve each client with respect, sensitivity, and professionalism, and  to provide
    all services in a timely manner.
  2. To offer every client a personalized ceremony.
  3. To ensure that clients have complete choice of and final say over their  
    ceremonies and that the Celebrant’s personal beliefs are irrelevant in this  
  4. To meet the client for a no-obligation interview to discuss services prior to           
  5. To provide unlimited consultation to clients while creating their ceremony at no
    extra cost.
  6. To conduct a rehearsal if necessary to the ceremony see donation.
  7. To perform the ceremony in a professional, prepared, and appropriate manner.
  8. To give the client a copy of the government form.
  9. To not to discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, national
    origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation.
  10. To comply and keep current with all laws regarding the performance of marriage
    in every country, state, province, or municipality in which the Celebrant practices.