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    Our Story

    The Weddings Ministry is new since 2016 as a ministry following being a sub-ministry of our
    Spiritual Services Ministry from 2010 to 2016. Previous to that we celebrated unions of
    couples that was not recognize by our government from 1988 to 2010 (example gay weddings).
    In 2011 we had a branch in Manhattan New York, USA and 2 associate Pastors in the state of
    Wisconsin, USA.  Also we are member of the American Association of Wedding Officiant and the
    counterpart the Funeral Association.

    We started very humbly in Trois-Rivières Quebec, then Rev. Eric Michel was the only celebrant.
    He received is training with ULC USA., then in 2012 he went deeper with the training of the
    Académie de Formation Professionnelle de Pastorale accredited by La Fédération de Pastorale
    Chrétienne et Le Centre Amour et Mariage.

    Rev. Marie Yvonne is a Bachelor’s in metaphysical science, B.Msc., ordained Metaphysical
    Minister and Metaphysical Practitioner, awarded by the Sedona University of Metaphysics, USA.
    She join our ministerial team in 2012.

    For more information about Eric Michel Ministries International visit our site
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