The Eric Michel Ministries of Nepal an Evangelical Church under the Synod of EMMI Canada is a
Protestant church that started as a mission of EMMI Chaplaincy

  • To train pastors, the denomination maintains the Evangelical Seminary online at                                    

  • This church can be described as a Reformed Church and adheres to Reformed Confessions with the  
    Apostles Creed and Nicene Creed.

The EMMN Evangelical Christian Church in Nepal is non-denominational and its members are governing in the
tradition of congregational polity. The Elders of the church are held accountable only to the administration of
the church including all temporal assets, also EMMN has the freedom of thought and conscience to practice
their faith without doctrinal restrictions. The superintendent tittle is a
Dean is the highest authority representing
EMMI Symposium in Nepal. Ordinations are approved by the Credentials Standing Committee and ministerial
credentials come from the House of Bishop at EMMI..Ordained or licensed ministers, both male and female,
provide leadership for the church and preside over the ordinances. (
Note: No Dean is appointed presently)

The EMMN Evangelical Christian Church consisted of those who came away from a variety of fundamental,
evangelical denominations and base its Biblical mission on the Great Commission found in the gospel of
Matthew. with the power to Christianize the world with the gospel of the Kingdom before Jesus returns.

The Holy Order Ministry
  1. Apostle: Rev. Eric Michel Archbishop
  2. Healer Prophets: Sunu Bajracharya
  3. Pastors:
  4. Evangelists: Prasant Sadashankar, Tirtha Raj Kapali
  5. Lay Ministers: Bimala Sadashankar, Punam Lepchon, Chanda Sunar, Abishek  Bajracharya, Muldhan
  6. Teachers: Bimala Budhamagar Lay Minister

The all needed to be commissioned by EMMI Synod with authority in the church of Jesus Christ.

The EMMN Evangelical Christian Church teaches that Jesus Christ instituted two ordinances as instruments of
his grace, found in Baptism, which is limited to those old enough to make a profession of faith and the Lord's

The EMMN Evangelical Christian Church has eleven Articles of Faith that are considered to be our   
definitive doctrinal statement:

  1. The Bible as the written Word of God
  2. The virgin birth of Jesus
  3. The deity of Jesus Christ
  4. The Person and work of the Holy Spirit
  5. The Trinity
  6. Salvation through the atonement
  7. The guidance of our life through prayer
  8. The death and resurrection of Christ
  9. The return of Christ
  10. The resurrection of the redeemed and the lost
  11. The establishment of the Millennial Kingdom