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Research, Theology and Teaching Ministry of Eric Michel Ministries
International; Founded in 2014-15 our Seminary " Footsteps of Jesus"
for future ministers in the Christian Faith specializing and fully
accredited graduate programs in Theology.

The Seminary is the next step of RTTM started in 1987 where the
Bible was scrutinized by our team on the Quest for Jesus. It is an
online studies programs or small classes programs, it attracts
students around the world who want to be serving as minister in
our EMMI family of Chaplains. If you have a desire to learn our
traditions we invites you to join us. We offer a course of education
leading to ordination as a Christian minister.

We are a legally established religious organization with the right to
ordain ministers and thus qualify them as ordained ministers: to
officiate at weddings, baptisms, funerals, Holy Communion, and
Worship Ceremonies. Men and women who complete the course
and meet all the requirements, upon their request, will be ordained
in the context of worship with hand imposition in front of witnesses.
Welcome to the Research,Theology and Teaching Ministry
" Footsteps of Jesus Seminary and Bible Academy"

N.B.: Our Seminary is not accredited as a Academic University or
College Seminary. Our religious base programs are created for
ordination course that can suit the needs of anyone who wishes to
study Christian Faith and prepare for a variety of professional
ministries. It provide extensive knowledge in the areas of Christian
Theology and History, as well as some training in ministerial ethics,
pastoral care and discipleship. Serving as a professional chaplain
will require additional courses in Clinical Pastoral Education and
certification by an accredited agency.