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Welcome to Footsteps Of Jesus Seminary and Bible Academy

We are a private Christian school, We are leasing our facilities at 251 Laurier Ave in Ottawa, Ontario.

The Seminary is a
non-denominational online school, not affiliated with a particular church or
religious group, though our religious teachings is based in Protestant theology.

The Bible Academy was founded in 1987 and the Seminary in 2014-15 by Rev Eric Michel and
Rev. Marie Yvonne. Teaching are in a Christ-centered environment and we are
                       “Implementing Team Impact Christian University Curriculum”

Our graduates fill responsible positions as they make significant contributions to the society
in which we live.

All students are involved with the Chaplaincy Ministry Services.

A seminary is an educational institution for educating students called seminarians in theology
generally to prepare them for ordination as clergy or for ministry. The English word is taken
from the Latin seminarium.
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