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The website ministry can be a blessing to a lot of ladies that are stay at home moms and also the working woman
that would like a place where she can find a little solitude after a stressful day, to our seniors who have a treasure
trove of experience that they can share. The Lord always blesses our efforts and I want to share  Women's
Miniseries as I feel He leads.

My hope is that by sharing my resources with other women that we can build a ministry as more people will want to
join with me to make this ministry an outreach to people everywhere. God tells us to do it. He doesn't say that  we
have to do it well,  He just tells us to do it, so I feel like this is my way of ministering to and mentoring other
women. And I am inviting you to join me.

I appreciate each one of you that stop by and hope that you are blessed and inspired through the many areas of
the website. My hope is that you will go away with some creative ideas to serve the Lord and use what you see
here for  your own ministry.  Let's build a ministry together.

Rev. Marie
Women Workshop
Welcome Ladies,
New Hope Ministry & Missions Women's Workshop was launched in
December 2014 and was born out of my desire
to share the things that I've learned  over the years through ministries.
The Women Workshop is not a staffed ministry but my personal ministry
of sharing with others. My desire is to be here to work with and try to help
other women heal from brokenness and become whole again.
We as women feel that we have to be all things to all people and those of you who are part of a church feel
pressured to always appear to others  as though everything is just fine in your world just because you are part of
a church family, when in reality nothing could be farther from the truth. None of us have the perfect marriage or
the perfect children that is just a fact of life and if anyone believes otherwise they are living a lie. My focus is not
on preaching here it is to give all women a chance to talk to me personally or share with other women and to help
each other heal and get through each day truthfully. This is a way of healing for many women and for those of you
who are not comfortable sharing we welcome you also
When I first gained Internet access when all things Internet were fairly new,
I started posting devotional on a group that I started on Facebook that
I called Meditations To Calm The Soul,and I received a very good response
from a lot of people. I began my  website as an extension of my spouse's
website and  this lead me to start up a  Women's Ministry.  
I decided to start sharing the things I'd learned in ministry
If you have a recipe or craft pattern that you would like to share or maybe someone has something that you are
searching for.This is the place to share them,so lets get together and relax as we exchange ideas.
All recipes and crafts can be posted on our yahoo group.
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I will begin this page of my website with sharing  recipes and crafts, I hope that you will also feel inspired to share also.

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