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NB: Counseling is not limited to our students but to any member of the community
  • Student Counseling is free of charge.
  • Reduce price for EMMI members

Our Goal: Our goal in providing Christian counseling is to help you meet the challenges of life in a way plans for your life.

Biblical Basis: We believe that the Bible provides thorough guidance and instruction for faith and life. Therefore, our counseling
is based on scriptural principles rather than those of secular psychology or psychiatry. Neither the pastoral nor the lay counselors
of this church are trained or licensed as psychotherapists or mental health professionals, nor should they be expected to follow
the methods of such specialists.

Not Professional Advice: Some of our counselors work in professional fields outside the church. When serving as counselors
within this church, however, they do not provide the same kind of professional advice and services that they do in their
professional capacities. Therefore, if you have significant legal, financial, medical, or other technical questions, you should seek
advice from an independent professional. Our pastoral and lay counselors will be happy to cooperate with such advisors and help
you to consider their counsel in the light of relevant scriptural principles.

Confidentiality: Confidentiality is an important aspect of the counseling process, and we will carefully guard the information you
entrust to us. There are four situations, however, when it may be necessary for us to share certain information with others: when
a counselor is uncertain how to address a particular problem and needs to seek advice from another pastor or elder in this
church; when a counselee attends another church and it is necessary to talk with his or her pastor or elders; when there
is a clear indication that someone may be harmed unless others intervene; or when a person persistently refuses to renounce a
particular sin and it becomes necessary to seek the assistance of others in the church to encourage repentance and
reconciliation (see Proverbs 15:22; 24:11; Matthew 18:15-20). Please be assured that our counselors strongly prefer not to
disclose personal information to others, and they will make every effort to help you find ways to resolve a problem as privately
as possible.

Resolution of Conflicts: On rare occasions a conflict may develop between a counselor and a counselee. In order to make sure
that any such conflicts will be resolved in a biblically faithful manner, we require all of our counselees to agree that any dispute
that arises with a counselor or with this church as a result of counseling will be settled by mediation and, if necessary, legally
binding arbitration in accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the Eric Michel Ministries International Canon Law. Judgment
upon an arbitration award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction.

Agreement: By signing this consent over the phone and recorded or by email you agree that you will not attempt to subpoena or
require any counselor to appear in any legal proceeding related to any matters discussed during counseling; nor will you attempt
to subpoena any notes or records related to this counseling.

Having clarified the principles and policies of our counseling ministry, we welcome the opportunity to minister to you in the name
of Christ and to be used by Him as He helps you to grow in spiritual maturity and prepares you for usefulness in His body. If you
have any questions about these guidelines, please talk with a pastor or elder. If these guidelines are acceptable to you, please
Contact Us. NB: Counseling is not limited to our students but to any member of the community Student Counseling is free of
charge. Reduce price for EMMI  members from Ministry Family Support Program

Spiritual Consultant & Social Life
  • Counseling Services for Children, Teens, Adults, Couples & Families.
  • Spiritual orientation
  • Personal Consultation & Life Coaching
  • Social Assessment  & Conflict coaching
  • Sexual Disease & Drug Alcohol Addiction
  • Alternative Medicine by our Congregation associate Sheryl Brownlea Reiki Master and Holistic Life Coach.

As we experience the stress of day-to-day living, there are times when problems and situations may become difficult to
handle alone. Things may seem to be "out of control." When difficulties pile up or overwhelm you, We Can Help

Our counselors  will respond to your need with concern, sensitivity and total discretion,  your informations will be share  
with no ones other than your consultant supervisor and could be with our consultant teams to provide you with the best
  1. Schedule your appointment now with a consultant
  2. Services available via phone, Skype and email's.
  3. Using email's fees are 50.00$ per topic
  4. Using Phone or Skype fees are 1.00$ per minute with a minimum charge of 60.00$/60 minutes
  5. Email Consultation 50.00$ per topic

N.B.: prayers request
are always free and can  be requested via our chapel

We can help you finding sound answers from someone with real world experience for whatever you are facing or have
questions about, or to get the help you need. Our Consultant offer practical advice and insights into the areas which matter the
most to you.  No ones crisis will go unanswered, and your privacy is honored and assured.

Make an appointment with a Consultant today!

In our session, you still receive the same level of service as you would from an in-person appointment.
We offer helpful solutions, in many areas such as "Where is God when I need him?" or "Why my prayers are not answered?".

We can help you with addiction or family conflict or illness issues like Aids or Apatite B, etc.

Phone Consultation: you cannot initiate a phone call by yourself and you cannot initiate a Skype call by yourself, the
Consultant will do it after payment verification.

Skype Consultation: In order to have an audio and video session with your advisor, you will have to install the software from
Skype  on your computer which you can download here, and to make sure you have at least a microphone and speakers
connected to your computer, a webcam is optional.

When your scheduled appointment arrive the consultant will invite you to a voice conversation over Skype or a phone (which
you will give your phone number) Do not disconnect your chat session while talking over the phone, It is still usable and
required to stay connected while you are conversing with your consultant.

How do I pay my Consultation?
On scheduling your appointment you will be taken to a payment screen where you can pay with your PayPal™ account. If you
want to pay via a credit card and do not have a PayPal account, do not worry, you can create a PayPal account immediately
from the payment page, and it will use your credit card to pay the consultation. It is not allowed to pay in any other way other
than PayPal.

Note: We are experienced professionals  and have credentials in counseling and social work "first line intervention" and of
course we have  religious qualification as the majority of us are ministers or chaplains. That been said we are not health
therapist, it is possible if the consultant detect a situation that need an expertise that we cannot provide, we will refer you to the
appropriate organism. Our services are spiritual the Christian way, meaning religion can be involve only if you like to be
answered this way by supplying your faith. Don't forget that we are Inter-denomination  Christian and our members/ministers are
Liberal Christian, Christian Universalist, Christian Baptist, Christian Humanist, Christian Evangelic, Christian Unitarian,
Christian Catholic, Christian Apologetic, Christian Progressive. We  use the Bible. Our main task is to listen to you and
empathise, we understand the road that you going trough and we are there to give you a hand, we are not members of any
health or social worker corporation and/or association, even if  some of our members are. We cannot advise you regarding your
health mentally or physically. Our support specialist do not have the mandate to make you change anything in your life, their to
suggest you paths but it is always your choices to apply it (them). We will not change your medical advise and/or prescription.

When we use our intuition through spiritual discipline, knowledge and experience, it can become a reliable guide.A better
understanding and clearer perspective on situations, challenges or decisions you may be facing, whether they be about
relationships, career, yourself, or spiritual in nature, helping  you to see things from a fresh perspective, allowing you to
recognize options that you might have not realized that they were there

Also our services include:
  • Prayer
  • Guided meditation and relaxation for relief from emotional and physical pain
  • Support with grief, loss and bereavement for family members
  • Pastoral support in times of stress, done by our congregation members and clergy
  • Spiritual literature or sacred texts
  • Support with end of life issues
  • Ethics consultations
  • Spiritual assessment and interventions for healing
  • Interpreting callers cultural and spiritual needs
Your Past
Almost daily we hear of people that are haunted by their past everything from childhood sex abuse, to being overweight, to
having alcoholic parents to name just a few. These people live in misery because they have never heard of how to overcome
these things that continue to haunt them. We all have a past that comes back to haunt us from time to time, and those
memories can destroy us unless we learn how to make peace with our past .

There are those that come from dysfunctional families where haltered is shown more then love, which would leave a scar on
the heart of any child who would carry that memory into adulthood. In order to do away with the past we have to learn to
forgive and let go. Until we can do that our past will always be felt in our present. If you are bound with the hatered of your
past then forgiveness is the only thing that can set you free.

It isn't your past or the people in your past that is held captive by these memories it is you, and you have to forgive in order
to find peace and move on. It isn't easy because the painful things from your past keeps you held captive to that time, but
you can be free. None of us like to go through trials in our lives but God allows trials in our lives to better equip us to help
others, but we can't do that until we can let go of our own demons and learn to forgive and love ourselves, after all who did
the wrong to you? Was it you or the people in your life.

Each of us are here for a purpose and whatever we have to face along the way is a learning experience to better equip us
for whatever our purpose might be. Can you know the pain of childbirth if you never had a baby or the pain of  a broken
heart or the pain of abuse it you have never experienced it?  If you are searching for happiness then look no further then
within yourself, that is where you will find the power to put your past behind you and find your inner peace, then you can
pass that peace forward to others who are also hurting and searching to find their peace.

Contact Info For Counselling
By Phone 613.317.1945
By Email