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Registration to a degree program
25.00$ fee for registration to a graduate program
$295.00 Seminary application/registration fee
Non-Credited Courses
Seminary & Bible Academy
Any Time Any Where
Seminary and Bible Academy
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251 Laurier Avenue West Unit 900, Ottawa, Ontario - K1P 5J6 - 613.317.1945
A Baptist and United Methodist Fellowship Institution (Canada)

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Without permission in writing from the author
FoJBA is committed to keeping our tuition as low as possible, recognizing that many of our students are
motivated by a desire to serve the Church. FoJBA is a non-profit Seminary, and is not financially supported
by our members. Our tuition - which reflects the cost of providing high quality programs. We are one of the
lowest graduate and undergraduate tuition rates of all online universities.

Tuition is set by the Board of Trustees with our partners and it is subject to change without notice.

All amounts listed are in Canadian dollars. WE accepts only PayPal(R) for payments of tuition and
tuition-related fees. Please note that this is based on the most current information we were able to
obtain, but that some rates are subject to change. It is wise to budget more money to cover any
potential unexpected costs usually shipping fees

In addition to tuition, there are student fees payable throughout your program.

Some typical fees are outlined below:
  1. Membership Fee 20.00$ non-refundable
  2. Registration Fee 25.00$ non-refundable
  3. Program Extension Fee 50.00$ per year non-refundable
  4. Exam Retake Fee 50.00$ non-refundable
  5. Graduation Certificate Replacement Fee 25.00$ non-refundable

Deposit fee of 250.00$ who is totally or partially refundable depending of your usage in non paying
shipping fees or any other requirement fees.

Total registration fee:
295.00$ this is a one time event and it is for life, excepted for program registration of 25.00$ that you
will have to pay at each course enrollment.
The total tuition for each graduate program will be as follows:

Graduation Fee 50.00$ non-refundable

Withdrawing From a Course or a Program
A student may terminate enrollment in an individual course at any time by notifying us; we suggest to do
so in writing for his or her own protection. Refunds will be granted on request, according to the program
policy. Course Drop Fee 25.00$ non-refundable

Note that Student Fees are non-refundable after being accepted.

Non-Refundable Fees:
  • Application fee
  • Registration fee
  • All non-course related fees

Once you begins a course no refundable fee for that course

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  • Step 1:.295.00$ Student Registration Fee (One Time Only)
  • Step 2: 25.00$ Program Registration Fee ( For Each Program)
  • Step 3: Your program Choice
    Certificate  1050.00$ including cost per module 100.00$ Graduation 50.00$ or
    Diploma     1050.00$ including cost per module 100.00$ Graduation 50.00$ or
    Bachelor    1550.00$ including cost per module 100.00$ Graduation 50.00$ or
    Honours    1200.00$ including cost per module 200.00$ Graduation 50.00$
  • Step 4: Make A Choice For Your Degree

    Certificate:            1050.00$ including cost per module 100.00$ Graduation 50.00$

    Diploma                  1050.00$ including cost per module 100.00$ Graduation 50.00$

    Bachelor Degree     1550.00$ including cost per module 100.00$ Graduation 50.00$

    Honours Degree     1200.00$ including cost per module 200.00$ Graduation 50.00$

Classes / Training