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Evangelism & Bible Study
The role of the evangelist is explained by the title. "Evangelist," means literally "proclaimer of Good
News." The preacher proclaims the good news of the Gospel of Christ. It is significant,  that when
the first century church needed some benevolent work attended to in Acts chapter six that the
apostles (who were the evangelists and preachers of the day) said – "It is not desirable for us to
neglect the word of God in order to serve tables." (Acts 6:2, NASB)
Founded in 2012 in the Province of Quebec (Registered
in 2014) it has a majority of  French and English followers.
We are a branch of Unitarianism who have adopted a semi-
congregationalist and semi-episcopal polity.

Les Ministères ERIC MICHEL Ministries International is
administrated by a Archbishop (Bishop President) as the
highest officer  managing with  the Executive Board of
Elders (Religious Authority) and the Board of Elders
Adviser and Accountability (Secular Authority).

We are
NOT Unitarian Universalist, just Unitarian and we
are member of the
American Unitarian Conference (AUC)
we are also Unitarian and member of the
Christian Univer-
salist Association (CUA) in which we are listed here:
ordination/churches/ under Canada. We are a very open
congregation and where everyone are welcome from all
Christian Denominations and from all genders including
LGBT and we are also member of
Progressive Christiani-
ty.org. Our teaching comes from the Bible and many

In 2015 we became Unitarian Baptist and we integrated
the Progressive Baptist Teaching by including the
Phoenix Affirmation

Incorporated Nonprofit Organization
Nova Scotia legislation requires that bylaws be submitted
with the application for incorporation and must be approved
by the Registry of Joint Stock Companies

Les Ministères Eric Michel International and Eric Michel
Ministries International is legally constituted as a Not-for-
Profit Organization at
Industry  Canada under the
number #
895170-5 and at Canada Revenue Agency
under the number # 80323 9177 RC001

Quebec: 1170642343
Ontario: To come
Nova Scotia: in process

Why did this organization form?
“We believe that there is One God; we affirm the unity of
all creation and take the example and teachings of Jesus
as our Way in life.”

This kind of Chaplaincy is inexistent in Canada, Eric M.
Gagnon is a member of the International Federation Of
Christian Chaplains Inc, (USA) and work to implant this
kind of services in Canada for:.

1. The necessity to train successfully the clergy and lay
members to all the tasks of a chaplain spiritually and
socially Improve lives, education, health and welfare,
and our environment
2.  The necessity to serve and support others in needs
3. The Chaplaincy is to help provide ministerial care and
educational to our members and non-members as well.
4. To develop, equip, and to provide services to both
spiritual and emotional needs of all individuals in crisis,
and other.
5. To support and act as a resource, which is committed
to community safety, with excellence in preparation and
delivery, and with effective and efficient service
6. Our Mission include support to other Non-Profit
Organizations reaching their goal.

We recruits chaplains/ministers for hospice, nursing homes,
Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Government agencies,
Emergency services and community ministries.

What will this organization be doing?
Establish and maintain a workable and beneficial
relationship between the secular and religious sectors
of society for the purpose of ministry in the community
and the education and training of a professional work
force as Christian Leaders using our own Seminary
Ministry “Footstep Of Jesus”.

The Eric Michel Ministries International will provide
practical community support and spiritual counsel to
emergency service workers, those in crisis, secular
society and those persons in transition by meeting their
needs.  Trained and licensed chaplains will provide counsel
education, advocacy, life improvement skills and recovery
training, providing a bridge between the secular and spiritual
environments of community throughout the world.

What is this organization doing that is not being done
by other organizations?
This type of Chaplaincy is nonexistent in Canada
Who is likely to participate and/or be served by this
All Christian member of any Christian denominations can be
member serving all person of any faith or non faith at all.

The composition of the name is important. The name
typically consists of three parts:

The identifying part
The Non-Denominational Christian Chaplaincy & Seminary
under the direction of The Symposium Of The Christian
Unitarian And The Welcoming Progressive Baptist Fellowship
Operating using the name
Eric Michel Ministries

a) Symposium is the name for our General Assembly
b) The Symposium Of The Christian Unitarian And The
Welcoming Progressive Baptist Fellowship in short we use
Unitarian Baptist Fellowship

The descriptive part
The mission of Eric Michel Ministries International is to
empower people to live with greater depth, meaning and
purpose. We welcome all to our caring community, foster
spiritual growth, and inspire actions in the service of life.
In carrying out this mission, we promote our values of
religious tolerance, freedom of thought and the use of
reason. We are rooted in Canadian and world-wide
Christian Unitarian and Baptist by affirm the following

1. The inherent worth and dignity of every person;
2. Justice, equity, and compassion in human relations;
3. Acceptance of one another and encouragement to
spiritual growth in our congregations;
4. A free and responsible search for truth and meaning;
5. The right of conscience and the use of the democratic
process within our congregations and in society at large;
6. The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and
justice for all;
7. Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of
which we are a part.
8. Belong with heart. Thrive in spirit. Act in service
9. We honour and share in a commitment to truth in
research, the education of the whole person and the
commitment to excellence in the development of skills for
the service of humanity.

The category
Religious Non For Profit Organization

The minimum and maximum number of directors
1 and 21 ( Industry Canada under the number # 895170-5)

How the organization appoints new directors or the
names of the first directors
Mainly elected, if no candidate named, the board can
co-opted members.

The effective date of the constitution.

Our HQ/Office address is:
Eric Michel Ministries International
251 Laurier Avenue,  Ottawa  Ontario  K1P 5J6                          
Tel: 613.317.1945
To our friends, friends-of-friends and anybody who is
interested to help us in the accomplishment of our
goal is invited to join our Chaplaincy.
1st we need people at the Board Of Elders to work
with our
President  Lyle from Jeddore and the
Joyce from Halifax N.S.
Our membership donation is 20.00$ a year and can
be done via our PayPal button
Other Way To Donate
  • Be a sponcer
  • Give us your time
  • Give us your expertise
Our members have the opportunity to serve. We can
do small acts of kindness for our neighbors, take part
in community service in an humanitarian efforts.

All actions great or small let us feel the happiness of
giving to our brothers and sisters that required help in
their prayers.
Many people are facing the large and impersonal
institutions and they want a more humain relation
between them and the church.

  • A chaplain is a minister or lay minister in the
    service of another.
  • The chaplain's job is defined by service to
    institution's needs and goals, service to the
    individuals who come for spiritual help.
  • The chaplain prays for people in distress,
    administers sacraments to those in need, leads
    worship for those desperate for God.
  • The chaplain is at the call of those who are hurt.
We encourages our members to participate in leading
spiritual activities in our community, to encourage
believers and to present Jesus Christ as Savior and
Lord throughout the society. This includes outreach
and service to all.

We believe there is wisdom and truth in our outreach
approach and our ministry philosophy.

We do not mandate chapel attendance, but we expect
EMMI members to be involved in our ministry or other
church ministry.
Who train our Chaplain members and who need
to be train?
We train our members ourselves via our Seminary,
Ordinary Members who are not working as Chaplain
do not need to be train but still can be in a Bible Study
Group for their own interest.
What kind of membership we have?
We three classes for the membership

  • Class A for member with all the rights and
  • Class B for member with no voting rights
    usually the are part of our social media groups.
  • Class A for Clergy & Lay Ministers
For more information contact us via this site
Our Facebook Group