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Sweet flavors and soft colors dominate the Spring palate. We've got what you need to make Pretty taste Phenomenal.


Use coupon code SPRING19 to save 20% off 12 oz. and 1 pound bags of all products listed below PLUS we'll send you a free gift with your order.

Offer ends 4/30/19. Coupon code must be entered at time of checkout to receive discount and gift. Order modifications will not be made. Not valid with any other offer. Please contact us with any questions before placing your order.

Pudding Mixes

Pudding Mixes

Instant pudding mixes boost moisture, color, and flavor in cake and cookie recipes. We offer 8 flavors and a sample pack to try them all.

Gelatin Mixes

Gelatin Mixes

You can use gelatin mixes to make your own gummy candies, colorful poke cakes, and even flavorful frostings. We offer 11 flavors and a sample pack to try them all.


Micro Mini Marshmallows

Soft, tiny marshmallow bits are a great decorating tool. Baby bunny tails, anyone?

Rainbow Dry Marshmallows

Rainbow Charms Marshmallows

Colorful, crunchy marshmallow bits are everyone's favorite cereal treat!

Miniature Specialty Baking Chips

Mini Green Mint Chocolate Chips
Mini Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
Mini Peanut Butter Baking Chips
Mini White Chocolate Baking Chips

Our baking morsels are an incredibly versatile ingredient. They can be applied topically as decoration, mixed into batters and dough, and they can even be melted for coating (think cake pops). You can even make fudge with them!

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