Visit hours:  Monday to Sunday 6:00 a.m. -10 p.m.

New clients:  Must arrange an appointment for a Meet & Greet.  During this
time we will meet you and your extended pet family, discuss exact dates and
times, clarify all services to be performed,  review our policies, agree upon
fees, complete all paperwork, retrieve two main keys from client (one which
will stay at our office and the other will be in your sitters possession only
during the time of their visit and collect payment in full.

Regular clients:  May book a reservation via email or over the phone.
We will confirm with a return call to update any information, arrange payment
and pick up a key if one is not keep at our office in a secure location.
                  Terms & Conditions

Pricing:  Subject to change.  We do not lock clients in at previous prices if we
have a rate increase.  Our website will always be updated should this occur.  
We also reserve the right to charge for any additional services required
should an emergency arise, food, cleaning, or other necessary supplies run
out.  Also, if a client requests additional services during the time of their
absence they may add them at which time they will be charged accordingly.

Conditions:  We pride ourselves in being on time.  However, unforeseen
circumstances such as traffic and/or weather may prevent us from doing so.  
This is a rare occurrence due to the fact we normally allow enough time upon
leaving our location and in between appointments.

Vaccinations:  Must be current and not expire during the time of our services.  
These include PDHLP, Bordetella and Rabies vaccines.

Cancellations:  We understand that family emergencies happen such as
illness, accidents and death.  A full refund will be given should any of these
misfortunes occur or we receive adequate 48 hours notice to cancel.  After 72
hours a $40 cancellation fee will apply.  No refund.   

Privacy Policy:  You have our guarantee that at not time will we discuss your
personal information with other clients, persons or on our website.  We also
will not  divulge your location by advertising our presence at your home while
we are there for our visit without your written permission or consent.

Home Conditions:  We will leave your home in the condition we found it, if not
better.  You must apprise us of any other persons having access during your
absence.  This is not only for our safety but your pets as well.  Should we feel
uncomfortable or apprehensive at any time we will first attempt your
emergency contact and then call local law enforcement.  We are not
responsible any inappropriate behavior or conditions left by 3rd party

Pet Safety:  Although your pet's welfare is in our starts at
home!  Please make sure all fences, gates and surrounding areas of the
home are secure and in good condition.  At no time will we bring other
animals around, or let your pet interact with other pets or people unless
given your prior consent.  

Sitters Safety:  Pet Sitter Pros reserves the right to refuse service to any
given individuals.  Owners will incur any expenses should we be bitten, badly
scratched or injured due to your pets behavior.
Pet Sitter Pros
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