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Rockhound 375 ml

Produced in small quantities, our limited edition Rock Hound is produced using only hand picked Koroneiki olives from our farm in Northern California. Our Koroneiki varietal is a robust vibrant oil with green olive and herbaceous notes. There is also a bit of floral character in the oil.

We dedicate our limited edition Rockhound to our furry, four-legged friends ~ Ella and Louie, Pepper and Maus, Shelly and Penny, Sophie and Cormac and Zoro. Like us, they too love to wander through the grove. They are as individualistic and unique as is this oil.

Enjoy the terroir of our farm captured in this wonderful bottle of oil.

12.7 FL OZ. (375 ml)


We're sorry, this product is sold out please check back for new product from our harvest in early November!