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Arbequina Koroneiki Blend 375ml

Covered by sun-parched prairie grasses and scattered with native river stones, the rolling hills of Northern California emulate the Mediterranean region; the original source of our olive trees.

Estate grown in Northern California, only hand picked olives from our orchard are used for our extra virgin olive oil. Blending olive varietals produces a more complex flavored oil. Our early harvested Arbequina and Koroneiki are a perfect balance of flavors that highlight the best qualities of each variety. This coupage is unique with its predominant flavors of green herbs, grass and apple along with the subtle overtones of floral, banana and strawberry. A bit of bitterness and pungency act to balance out the flavor of this oil.

It’s fabulous on salads as well as drizzled on the summer season’s heirloom tomatoes layered over grilled artisan bread. The possibilities are endless and the flavor is wonderful! Please join us in supporting small farms and a connection to the past...olive oil and its timeless traditions.

12.7 FL. OZ. (375 ml)


We're sorry, this product is sold out please check back for new product from our harvest in early November!