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The small digital bird egg incubator produces the same conditions created in a birds nest. Automatic temperature control ensure a reliable & good quality hatch

Bird eggs, ducks and pheasants are ideal for incubating. Just put the eggs in the incubator and
let the micro thermo computer set up the necessary conditions for a successful bird egg hatch.

    Our bird egg incubators have a wall thickness with five times more
insulation than comparable small heaters. Extra insulation ensures
CONSISTENT levels of incubation temperatures & humidity are
always maintained through all stages of the bird egg incubation.

Operating cost is dramatically reduced. Should a power failure
occur the internal temperature will remain at the desired setting.

The quality construction guarantees many years of reliable service.
A full two years warranty with free shipping protects your purchase.

The incubator has a capacity of 3 large eggs or seven smaller eggs. Power is
a standard 100-220 volts. Portable batteries and solar power can also be used.
  • Bird egg rotation is automated
  • Hatch dates are prominently displayed
  • Incubating temperature is maintained automatically
  • A clear LCD display panel shows all relevant incubation details
  • Whisper quiet fans with vibration reduction provide forced air circulation
  • Egg incubation viewing is possible without having to open the small incubator
  • An alarm function activates when there is a problem during the egg incubation period
There is room for chick movement inside the incubator when the egg hatch is complete. A variety of temperatures and functions are available

heatal $110   just $48. 95
Build a solar heated bird egg incubator
from a discarded satellite dish

Obsolete satellite discs that are your property* can only be used.
Minimum material is required to build a bird egg incubator.