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4th of July

past years

Pictures of past floats Richard Carlson as 4th of July parade marshalGlass truck with mirrrors reflecting parade watchers as a float  A huge tank of water driving down the street with people jumping in as a float Foat of a dragon Person taking a bath on a float The legendary viking ship float The back of the dragon with cavepeople

the banner the schoolhouse the circus schoolhouse again circus circus The big guy circus carlstone rocks circus circus Flying Carlsons Flying Carlsons Popcorn wagon Carlstone Rocks Carlstone Rocks - the rock band The big guys back School kids and supplies Cooking with the Carlsons cooking with the Carlsons cooking with the Carlsons - the cheese The spice The huge hot pepper 

Working on float signage uk float graphic

Current years



The huge cowboy float Live band Prehistoric Rock band

Magitian makes bunny disappear, then reappear huge Closer up picture of magitian making bunny dissappear, then reappear huge Person with a saw through him Magitain with wand and a beard Lady opening doors with numbers on them, trying to find the bunny Magitian with cape riding giant bunny Bunny float with people


Two huge cicadas next to each other  The giant cicada with a cicada tamer on the top The huge cicada float after the parade A ciacada child after the parade A cicada child with wings after the parade Smaller cicadia


 The King

Carlsons are finally coming We're getting closer ...  Our opening banners Before gasoline sign Here comes the queen The queen herself The procession Pyramid float King Tut - the little boy king Tut, Isis, Nut

A worker falls 

Someone is in trouble The workers whipped oh oh a  fallen worker he's fallen and he can't get up! Beware! get up! Hes gone under! How crushing. You're being docked for laying down on the job

2009 - Best of Show award!

The start at the start of the Wheaton 4th parade Ready to parade The carlsons have their alum hats on Sacergals wet float carlsons teter float too many part of float

carlsons teter float back carlsons float side  tall walker spaceship open door all covered up Its raining on the controls

more spaceship  Right side of spaceship front of float

2010 - Best of Show award! and Excellence Multiple Categories award!

Yes, the trailer used the same outside covering material as last year. But we had to disassembled last years float and built this years float from the core motorized part out. That way the skeleton had the correct shape to hold the skin.

  Old fathful not running Mt rush a Before the parade hooking up mt rush b before the parade Tourists Before parade mt Rushmore and Kenny mt rush c before the parade Mt Rushmore Mt Rushmore with 9 heads mt Rushmore looking good before parade Old fathful and Tourists Old Faithful bfore parage suburu before the parade conposite Mt Rushmore durring parade B Mt Rushmore durring parade A THe float and whole crew Durring parade Last min coloring  after the parade waiting to get back to the barn Trailer side view Back of the trailer after the parade waiting to get back to the barn b 2010 old time popcorn wagon


too many data cards - where did the web sites 4th pictures "Main Float bus with chairs on the outside!" card hide??


parade 2013-1 Main float-2 Main Float-3     Glass Float-1 Glass Div Float-1 Glass Float-2 BigHat


Carlsons' 2014 4th main float Closeup of main float The smaller glass department steampunk time machine float The Popcorn wagon


resolution: Start float construction earlier!!!

Santa is Arriving Floats (Thanksgiving late afternoon/night parade)

2005 - Our wonderful bee buzzes in to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!
Refreshments at the paint store after the parade The Christmas bee with a child next to it The Christmas bee during the parade The giant bee with christmas lights on it
2006 - Our magical bunny from July 4th becomes our enchanted Christmas Bunny

Christmas bunny with lights  The back of the bunny The popcorn wagon with lights The popcorn wagon at Christmas Moving Christmas bunny!

2010 -
christmass parade 2010 christmass parade 2010 christmass parade 2010 christmass parade 2010 christmass parade 2010 christmass parade 2010 christmass parade 2010 christmass parade 2010 christmass parade 2010 christmass parade 2010 christmass parade 2010