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How this works - step by step instructions

Please call us for a quote (630-668-4000) or email

1. The farther ahead of the shipping date the better. (You may receive early order and/or early delivery discounts)

2. Compile all supplies needed by the school class and subclass or by teacher class and sub class. If there is any product not on our listing we can probably get it for you.

3. Send us the list with a shipping method and approximate receiving date. We will then send you a quote. We can interact with you on item choices, cost, and availability.

4. You approve the order.

5. Payment.

Payment Option #1:  Lump sum payment. (cheapest) With possible payment discounts for, early payment etc.
Note: If the PTA is a non-profit organization or school or other registered non-profit pays us then no Sales Tax is due. Your organization can add a handling fund raising fee from the parents.

Payment Option #2:  OnLine ordering by the parent. Much less hassle of your collecting money from the parents. After Step #4 your organization advertises our website ( to the parents.  Parents then order and pay online.
Note: Since sale is to an individual then Sales tax is due. An small online ordering fee may also apply.

Payment Option #3:  Is single individual parent pickup and payment at one of our locations.
(see delivery option #3)

Note: Since sale is to an individual then Sales tax is due. An small single pickup fee may also apply.

6. Delivery.

All kits can be packed in individual paper bag (cheapest) or a box and can be marked with school, grade and/or class.

In Northern Illinois Shipment is usually by our truck.
We will arrange with you a delivery time and method and place.
(Our truck is a big refurbished school bus.)
Delivered to your school or for PTA could be delivered to a garage or storage area.

Self pickup of the entire order at one of our locations.

Is single individual parent pickup and payment at one of our locations. An small single pickup fee may also apply

Other shipping methods are available: UPS, trucking company etc. Pricing upon request.

Extra Kits

Extra Kits after the original order is placed are probably available. The earlier the extra order is place the more likely we will have the items in stock or possibly can get them in time. Of course if items are available and the order is in time for packing with your original order then the extra kit will occur the least extra cost. Pricing may be different for extra kits or individual packing charge may occur. If the extra kit is shipped with the original order there will probably be no shipping charge. If not shipped with the original order then individual pickup or shipping charges will occur. We understand that new students and late orders do happen and will strive to keep prices low for happy parents but, note that individual kit order, packing, and shipment have much more labor involved and costs can balloon very quickly.


There is no re-stocking charge for any unsold kits that are returned, however, we can only take back up to 10% of the total number of kits you ordered. (if you ordered 300 kits, we would take back 30). Kits must be returned within 30 days and supplies must be in good condition, and unused. Kits can be physically returned to our stores in Wheaton and Lombard. Shipped kits should be sent to our Wheaton store. We do not pickup or pay for return shipping.

Currently only shipping within the United States.

Discounts or additions are based on group size, sub grouping, prepayment etc.

Sales tax will apply if delivered to or paid for by a charitable or  non-profit organization (i.e. a school or PTA when registered is usually tax-free)

For More Information Contact:

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