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Group School Supplies

Bags of school supplies set out in school gym ready for student pickup

How to figure the cost / benefit of group ordering

Currently most of the groups are the school's PTA or the school itself. All charge back to the student's parent / guardian.

Some of the groups use this as a fund raiser by adding a handling fee.

Some of the groups have the student's parent / guardian pick up and pay at one of our locations.

Some of the groups have the parent / guardian order and pay online with pickup at the school.

Some of the PTA's use this as a membership opportunity. Or, at the least, it increases the PTA's visibility and respect.

All of the groups currently make sure that the total cost to the student's parent / guardian is less than store purchase.

Other benefits are:

All the material is the same (i.e. one student has an 8 crayon box and another has a 64 crayon box = student embarrassment)

The student has a complete inventory. (i.e. no excuses that the parent forgot to get it = student embarrassment)

No need for the school to hand out the supply list
No lost supply lists. (then calling the school!)

No parents miss-reading the supply list. (i.e. = student embarrassment)

The student has a correct brand type of item. Not some off brand that does not function the same or is not useable.

No parents running around for out of stock items (then calling the school complaining!)

Less parents complaining that the finding of the supplies took all of their free time.

The teacher/school can specify odd items that are normally not available.
All in all, it is a win / win situation for the school, teacher, PTA, parent / guardian, and student

Supplies in bags awaiting pickup.

Supplies in bags awaiting pickup. Boxes are also available.

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