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School supplies products

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Items Available:

Drafting supplies
Filler Paper
Spiral Bound Notebooks
Other Notebooks
Art pads
Art supplies
Computer supplies
and many more

Many more items available. We supply many schools and the usual supplies we have in stock. If we don't have it, we can most likely find it for you through one of our suppliers.

Below is a condensed item list. Note each item may have many colors, sizes, brands, etc to choose from. For a much larger list click here.
2 Pocket Folder
2 Pocket Folder 3 Hole Punched
2 Pocket Folder Heavy Duty Plastic
2 Pocket Folder Heavy Glossy Paper
2 Pocket Folder Laminated
2 Pocket Folder with 3 Prongs
Activity Book
Assignment Book H & S 
Assignment Book Mead
Assignment Book Religion
Assignment Notebook - School Mate
Beginner Pencil
Binder 3 Reinforced Soft Cover Inside Pocket
Binder, 3 Ring
Binder, 3 Ring Clear View
Binder, 3 Ring Soft Cover
Calculator Battery
Calculator Scientific
Calculator Solar 
Calligraphy Pen
Canvas Panel
Cardboard Box
Cassette Tape
Checking Pencil, Blue
Checking Pencil, Red
Colored Pencils
Colorific Markers Washable Broad
Coloring Book
Combination Lock
Composition Notebook
Computer CD-R
Computer CD-RW
Construction Paper
Contact Paper Clear 3yd.
Copy Paper
Cotton Balls
Crayola Classic Fine Markers
Crayola Crayons Washable
Crayola Large 8 ct. 
Crayola Markers
Crayola Twistable Crayons
Crayola Watercolors
Crayons - Crayola
Crayons Multi-Cultural
Crayons, Antiroll
Desk Protectors
Dictionary, American Heritage
Dictionary, Dictionary Thesaurus Combination
Dictionary, Webster
Disposable Camera with Flash
Dividers, Index Divider
Dixon Dry Erase Marker
Dixon Pencil Top Erasers
Dot Dice
Drawer Organizer
Drawing Pencils
Dry Board Eraser
Elmer's Glue - School
Elmer's Glue Gel
Elmer's Glue Stick
Envelope, Manila
Erasable Ink Pen
Erase, Art Gum NP
Erase, Pental
Eraser, Alvin White Vinyl
Eraser, Art Gum
Eraser, Ink/Pencil
Eraser, Kneaded Rubber
Eraser, Magic Rub
Eraser, Pencil Top
Eraser, Pink Large
Eraser, Pink Pearl Brand
Eraser, Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser
Eraser, White Block Eraser Dixon
Expanding file
Expanding File 3 X 5 Cards
Expo 2 Low Odor Dry Erase
Fabric Book Cover
File Folder
Film 35mm
Flash Cards Addition
Flash Cards Division
Flash Cards Multiplication
Foam Board
Foam Cup
Gel Pens
Graph Paper
Hi-Liter Marker
Hole Punch
Index Cards
Index Tabs, Self Adhesive
Inked Stamp Pad
Itoya O'Glue
Locker Mirror Maxco
Luggage Tags
Lunch Bag
Lysol Disinfectant Spray
Marker, Felt Tip
Marker, Flair
Marker, Sharpie
Mechanical Pencil
Modeling Clay
Multimethod Tablet
Notebook Paper
Notebook, 3 Subject
Notebook, 5 Subject
Paint Brush
Paper Cups
Paper Plate
Paper Towels
Pen, Black Ink
Pen, Blue Ink
Pen, Green Ink
Pen, Purple Ink
Pen, Red Ink
Pencil Case
Pencil Grip
Pencil Pouch
Pencil Sharpener
Pencil, Primary
Pencils #2
Pentel Oil Pastels
Pentel Roll'n Glue
Pilot G2 Gel Pen
Plastic Cups
Plastic Forks
Plastic Pencil Box
Plastic Sheet Protector
Plastic Shoe Box
Plastic Smock
Plastic Spoons
Play Doh
Pocket Folder,  13 Pockets
Portfolio, 8 Pocket Paper
Post it
Post it Notes
Poster Board
Prang Roll on Glue Liquid
R.M. Storage Box
Rubber Maid Storage Box
Safety Glasses
Safety Goggles
Sanford Marker
Sargent Tempera Poster Paints
Scissors - Childrens
Scissors - Fiskars Student
Silly Putty
Sketch Book
Small Ice Pack
Soap, Antibacterial Hand
Spiral Notebook
Spiral Notebook, 5 Subject
Steno Pad
Stereo Head Phones
Sterilite Box
Styrofoam Cups
Success by Design
Tape, Double Stick
Tape, Masking
Tape, Scotch
Tissue, Kleenex
Tracing Paper Pad
USB Flash Drive
Wax Paper
White Out
White Velcro
Wipes Disinfectant
Wipes, Anti Bacterial Alcohol Free
Wipes, Antibacterial Wipe
Wipes, Baby Wipes Box
Wipes, Wet Ones
World Atlas
Yellow Legal Pad
Ziplock Brand Bag
Ziplock Hefty
Ziplock Type Slide Lock

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