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Parent if you know your school has contracted with us then click on this link CarlsonSchoolKits.com to order your kit OnLine.

Carlsons Delivery School Bus

Complete Supply Kits for the entire school or just one class!

This is perfect! Teacher gets all the correct items on the supply list. Student gets first win having all supplies. Parents did not run all over town and still have the wrong stuff from the local stationary stores.

Individual kits are boxed or bagged (cheaper) and marked with student and class.

A single class or a total school solution

Lower Parent / Teacher aggravation!

Lower complaint calls to the school's office!

Less missing or wrong items! The whole class will have received the same supplies.

Teacher can request and get the exact type of item.

A Kit could consist of only one item or many for the entire class!

A Great, Very low labor, Fund Raising method for your school, PTA, or Booster organization.

We also have the stock and means to supply beginning or even very advanced Art Classes.

How this system works


Does Your Current School Kit  Supplier Deserve a Pink Slip?

Are You Having More and More Problems With: Smiling Faces are Ready to Make Your Job Easy!
Increasing costs every year. Our goal is to make your school supply kit program the easiest, most rewarding job you can do for your school.
Long and confusing contracts. We are a family-owned business, selling to over 90 schools.
Vague delivery dates and times. Count on us for Excellent customer service at a great price!
Substituting generic supplies. No contracts, you may add on late kits up to two weeks before delivery, and we can use name-brand products.
Customer service representatives that only tell you what a computer screen says and provide poor service. Kits made with the products and brands the teacher requests.
It's Time to Make a Change
Carlson's Art Supply and Framing offers years of experience to do the job right.

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111 East Front Street, Wheaton, IL 60187
Tel: 630-668-4000
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