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Tibor Tasnadi 

Tibor Tasnadi (pronounced Teebor Taznadee) was born in Vienna, Austria and is of Austrian-Hungarian descent. He began his career in art at the age of six, when his grandfather, VICTOR TISCHLER, one of Europe's most famous portrait artist, began tutoring him. He continued his tutorship until the age of seventeen (17) when he won a scholarship to the NATIONAL ACADEMY (of Art) in Budapest, Hungary. Upon graduation from the Academy, Tasnadi opened a small studio and continued his studies in Vienna. In 1955, he moved to London. One year later, he moved to the North American continent. 

Recognizing the fact he was virtually unknown in America, he turned his talents to a more settled profession and spent several years in the art and design field. In this interim, Tasnadi was able to complete his studies at Norman Rockwell & Steven Dohanyes' FAMOUS ART SCHOOL in Westpoint, Connecticut. In 1970, he was named Art and Design Director for Simpson & Company in Toronto, Canada. He also maintained a studio there, where recognition and acceptance of his talent became apparent.

Tasnadi has achieved a remarkable reputation in fine art. Private collectors throughout the Northern Hemisphere seek his artwork and his art is exhibited in the finer galleries in the United States and Canada. 

Tasnadi won his first gold medal in 1949 at the Young Artists Competition in Budapest, Hungary. In 1963, the PRESTIGIOUS GALLERY OF FRANCE in Montreal, Canada gave him a one man show. His paintings were selected to be on exhibit at the WORLD ART FAIR in Knoxville, Tennessee. Tasnadi was commissioned to paint Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.

Tibor Tasnadi spent the last few years of his life in Texas providing paintings for many galleries in Colorado, Texas and California. 

Tibor Tasnadi passed away in 1995 in Houston, Texas.

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